Keeping away Christmas crooks

AMARILLO, Texas - Now that Christmas is over, thieves may be keeping a closer eye on our trash.

Empty boxes for Christmas gifts like computers and big screen TVs can be free advertising for thieves wanting to know what is inside our homes.

While most of us are ready to throw our trash to the curb, the Potter County Sheriff's Department says to make sure and properly dispose the boxes for expensive gifts. That way, thieves do not know what is inside your home.

"Just hold that inside the house or until the dumpster is available where you can discard it properly and not take it out here on the side of the road, or throw it out the window, or leave it in the back of the pickup," Lt. Dee Aduddell with the Potter County Sheriff's Department said.

It is also good to tear up the boxes or place them in trash bags so thieves cannot see what is inside.