Gas shortage in Claude

Claude, TX - It is the  busiest travel time of the year, but for one area town that may be difficult.

The Taylor Food Mart in Claude now has Out of Service labels on all of their gas pumps, and it may be like that for awhile.

Armstrong County Sheriff James Walker says they have helped about 15 motorists who have run out of gas, but right now there really is no set way to help those who are traveling through the area.

For now, it is recommended you prepare for the gas shortage ahead of time.

"We, if possible, we call the service station here, they do not have gas but sometimes they have the availability for gas and they can get gas and take it to them," said Sheriff Walker.

Taylor Food Mart tells us there is a confidentiality agreement with potential buyers at this time, and they will be making a public announcement regarding the situation soon.

As far as the gas goes, they were not able to tell us if and when Claude's Taylor Food Mart's gas pumps will be back up and running.