Faith City Christmas celebration

Jena Taylor, Executive Director of Faith City Ministries
Jena Taylor, Executive Director of Faith City Ministries

Amarillo, TX- As the homeless population continues to grow in the Amarillo area, so does the number of volunteers.

More men and women than ever were able to receive gifts and a hot meal Thursday as the Faith City Ministries celebrated Christmas.

"We are just seeing a new influx of homeless into our city and they need services, they have found themselves stranded," said Jena Taylor, the Executive Director of Faith City Ministries.

Taylor says for the 500 people who were helped, this is most likely the only celebration they will have.

"You and I and most of the community have homes to go to, to have their family a big turkey dinner and a fun event but a lot of the people that we serve, don't have a home and they don't have a family that they can actually celebrate Christmas with, so this gives us all an opportunity to be one very large family," added Taylor.

Daniel Hollingback, a disabled veteran says he comes to the celebration every year.

"Faith City Mission, you know they really do a lot for this town and you know I thank them so much and all of that, you know they help with clothes, and you know, food and if you need to get doctor appointments you know they really help," said Hollingback.

With the increased need in the area, Taylor says the community has pulled through to make sure everyone gets the help they need this holiday season.

"I'm so excited that I am seeing such a rise in volunteerism in Amarillo, everywhere, especially here at the ministry. We are just seeing big hearts, wide hearts, wide open that are filled with a need to help others and that warms my heart," added Taylor.