Housing assistance for those in need

Amarillo, TX - A grant of over $600,000 will go toward changing the lives of those without a home.

Low-income and homeless people are in and out of local shelters several times a year but increased funding given to Amarillo's HUD Continuum of Care program is hoping to give those people a chance to turn their lives around.

The money will go toward giving the mentally ill, disabled, elderly and families rental assistance.

They will also be paired with a case manager who will help them get over any obstacles they face.

"They work with the families to set goals. They are required to either work or go to school, so they actually have a service plan that they'll sit down and develop with the case manager. Over a two-year period they are expected to progress to some level of independence," says Patty Glad, housing administrator, City of Amarillo.

Those in the program are required to attend meetings to ensure they stay on the right track.

Program funding increased this year as the Obama Administration plans to prevent and end homelessness in the U.S.