Emergency shelter from the storm

Amarillo, TX - The potential for a blizzard has everyone coming together to make sure hundreds of people on the streets are provided with a safe place to stay.

The Salvation Army and Faith City Ministries are both seeing an increase in people needing shelter from the harsh weather conditions.

Although they have been at full capacity for the past few weeks, they are making an exception because of this storm.

"You're not going to starve or freeze to death if you come over here," says Ray Heredia, area homeless.

Ray Heredia is one of the many homeless in our area who is thankful for a place to keep safe during the storm.

"I'd rather be inside than out there taking a chance of freezing to death over night or something if it gets down really cold," says Ray Heredia, area homeless.

Faith City Ministries received a generous donation this morning specifically to help protect people from the weather.

Providing those in need with everything from food to entertainment to a place to stay overnight.

"In addition to the thirty-seven beds we have in the men's overnight dorm, we are able to offer a place for twenty-two mattresses, so about twenty-two other guests. We will clear the chairs in the chapel and lay out the mattresses," says Jena Taylor, executive director, Faith City Ministries.

They're even planning to send out drivers this evening to help anyone stranded outside.

There are still so many people outside without shelter but the good thing is that more than one place are opening their doors.

"We have approximately 200 cots and 150 mats, so that makes 350 all together. Plus, within the shelter we have 500 beds and we have some others that we will pull out if needed. We could do house up to a thousand folks," says Major Tim Grider, Salvation Army.

As long as the temperature stays below 37-degrees, the Salvation Army will stay open twenty-four hours.

Both of these area organizations say no matter how packed they get, they will not turn anyone away.

"We will do whatever it takes to make sure everybody has a place to lay their heads tonight," says Jena Taylor, executive director, Faith City Ministries.