Christmas celebration for area children battling cancer

Amarillo, TX - For the dozens of area children battling cancer, daily life can be a struggle but today, a Christmas party just for them gave them a reason to smile.

Today's party was hosted by the Panhandle Angels Foundation. For the fourth year in a row they gave sick kids an early Christmas present. Letting them forget their troubles, even if for just a little while.

"Are you trying to make a snowman?" says Kyra Brown, Emma's Mom.

"Emma was diagnosed with cancer when she was just turning two. This was back in January of 2007 and it was a kidney tumor that had spread to her lungs," says Kyra Brown, Emma's Mom.

Since that early age, Emma has been through several surgeries, radiation and chemo.

The Brown family is one of many in our area who receive the help they need from the Panhandle Angels Foundation.

"Having a support group where other people are in your same boat, they're dealing with the same issues that you are...having that support is just so important," says Kyra Brown, Emma's Mom.

It's not just the child diagnosed with cancer who's being supported, it's the entire family.

Each child that attended the party today, whether it's the cancer patient or their sibling, are given a toy to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

"It lets them know that people care, that people love them. Yes they have cancer but today is very important. Yesterday is history and today is important. Let's get through it with a smile on our face so that tomorrow their cancer can be treated," says Kristina Hudson, founder of Panhandle Angels Foundation.

This holiday season the Brown family is thankful because come next August, Emma will have reached five years in remission.

"I'm counting the days, there's going to be a big party," says Kyra Brown, Emma's Mom.