Amarillo hospital up for sale

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's big news for the Amarillo health care community, Baptist Saint Anthony's hospital is up for sale.

Jointly owned by CHRISTUS Health and Baptist Community Services, the hospital may soon be completely under new ownership.

CHRISTUS says they plan to sell their entire half of the partnership.

Linda McClung with CHRISTUS Health says, "We know BSA is incredibly strong in this market. CHRISTUS has ministries in other markets. We go where we're asked and where we're called to go. We believe we can better serve some of our other markets."

They believe now is the time to look for a new owner who can take BSA to another level in health care.

Meanwhile, the other partner, BCS, is also interested in selling all or part of their share, depending on if they can be assured of one thing.

Steve Dalrymple with BCS says, "The underlying faith based covenants are protected and if that will bring in a quality health care partner, then we will be flexible in what is necessary to sell and bring that partner in."

BCS says it is not financially possible for them to purchase the share belonging to CHRISTUS.

Dalrymple explains, "As nonprofits and charitable organizations, we have to constantly look at what is our mission and how do we appropriately handle that mission and be good stewards of the assets we've been entrusted with."

But putting the hospital in new hands brings about a lot of uncertainty.

BSA CEO Bob Williams says, "Nobody likes change, however we are in health care which is in a constant state of change. My reaction to this is that we are going to adapt to that change and continue to provide high quality health care to the people who come here."

The hospital announced the news to its employees this morning, who perhaps may be the most alarmed by this change.

Williams says, "Every health care system needs cooks, housekeepers, registered nurses, radiology techs, and hopefully administrators. We don't anticipate any reduction in force as a consequence of this.

Both companies say it is vital the new ownership brings value to the community and maintains quality health care.

There is no buyer lined up at this time. That process could take up to one year.