Push to ban cell phones while driving

AMARILLO, Texas - Some officials are calling texting and driving the new DUI. Now, the National Transportation Safety Board is pushing for a nationwide ban on cell phone use while driving. It is one of  many pushes this year to keep our roads safer.

Since August, Amarillo police have issued more than 50 citations for texting and driving in school zones. Now, the city of Amarillo is looking into launching a citywide ban.

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says distracted driving can be a big problem with drivers.

"Pay attention to what they're doing. They're driving a 2,000 pound weapon," Cpl. Neufeld said. "You know, quit worrying about what kids are doing in the backseat, quit eating and driving, you know pull over and stop to get something to eat, and don't drive and text.

Another push for safer driving was in August when, statewide, Texas officials beefed up patrols to keep drunk drivers off the road. Over the past three years, Trooper Madrano with the Texas Highway Patrol recalls four devastating fatal car wrecks linked to distracted driving that claimed 14 lives. Three of those four accidents were linked to cell phone use.