Facebook hoping to prevent suicides

Amarillo, TX- Getting people in distress the help they need is the new goal of one social networking site.

If you see a troubling post on Facebook and believe a friend may be in danger you can now get help with just a click of a mouse.

The new effort by Facebook will allow a person to click the "report" button next to a status of someone who may be expressing suicidal thoughts.

The networking site will then email the individual the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, or start a link to an anonymous chat with a counselor.

"One of the dynamics about suicide is people isolate, they tend to isolate within their problems, their family, dating relationships. So the beauty with this, is that Facebook will draw them out and make them more connected to those around them," said Roy Bowen with the Hope and Healing Place.

Counselors say the ability to have the chat through Facebook or over the phone will be easier for the person expressing these thoughts.

They add, quick intervention is the best preventative step, so if you see something, report it.