Portales may soon see Sunday alcohol sales

NewsChannel 10

Portales, New Mexico - It's an effort by some Portales restaurants to curb the competition in Clovis, where alcohol is already served on Sundays. They hope to keep customers closer to home and bring in some extra revenue.

People in Portales headed to the polls today to cast their ballot on a controversial issue, whether alcohol will be served on Sundays at licensed restaurants in Portales.

City Manager Tom Howell says, "What it takes is a petition for a vote. If there are enough certified signatures, it can be an election. It was actually stirred by local residents who wanted to see Sunday sales."

A push being backed by dollar signs.

Voter George Speck explains, "All the restaurants want to keep up with what's going on in the rest of the United States and the state. Most areas of the state like Clovis allow Sunday liquor sales in restaurants."

A visit to the polls showed us just how heated the topic is in town.

Voter Kristin Kuhlmann says, "If you're eating and want to have a drink with your meal on a Sunday, I don't think that should be a problem."

But voter Alice Danforth says, "I'm against liquor sales altogether so I don't think it's beneficial for our community. I think people that are going to drink have six other days to do it and I think Sunday is the Lord's day."

Others worry it will increase DWI's.

However, the City says law enforcement has a good handle on drinking and driving troubles. They see it as more of a personal issue instead of a city issue that has both pros and cons.

Howell explains, "If it brings in more revenue, that would be nice. We always like more revenue, but if it fails, we won't see much of a difference."

The City says if the law does pass, not much will change on their end because alcohol licenses are regulated by the state.

Votes are being tallied this evening and results will be announced at next week's city council meeting.