The bells are ringing, but the donations just aren't coming in

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - A local organization helping those in need, is need of some help themselves.

The Salvation Army is spread pretty thin this year after helping wild fire victims and the growing number of people in need of every day assistance. Now their biggest fundraiser, the Red Kettle Campaign could be a bust.

The bells are ringing, but the donations just aren't coming in.

Bell ringer Kevin Holian explains, "I'm seeing spurts where it's busy and then it goes into long dry spells and it's not consistent."

The red kettles have been in front of Amarillo stores since Thanksgiving, but they are rather empty.

Major Tim Grider with The Salvation Army says, "Our goal is $210,000 and our goal is our budget. It's not something that would be nice to achieve, it's something we have to meet. Through Saturday, we were $40,000 behind, to date."

Which is a disaster in the making for The Salvation Army. The money from the Red Kettle Campaign is vital to their year-round operation of helping people in need. They say without it, they may have to turn people away.

Bell ringer Jackie Casey says, "They've always helped me, as far as a place to stay, my bills, furniture, my kids' toys. It's going to be a sad story when they start turning people down."

The Salvation Army even lowered their budget this year, but now it doesn't even look like they will meet that.

They believe even if they reach quota everyday for the next two weeks, they will still not recover the $40,000.

Holian says, "I'm just hoping people will see the need that is there and come through."

The Salvation Army believes the bad economy and bad weather are to blame for the drop-off in donations.

Time is running short, there are just 12 more days to donate.