Breakthrough blood test for Alzheimer's disease

AMARILLO, Texas - For around two years now, Roy Whisler makes it a point to visit his wife, Wilma, everyday at "The Cottages." She has Alzheimer's disease and Roy has slowly watched it take a hold of her, firsthand.

"Well, it's a horrible disease... and just slowly, little by little, it took hold." Whisler said.

Now, Texas researchers say they have developed an affordable, simplified blood test for detecting Alzheimer's disease early.

The Cottages specializes in Alzheimer's care. Everyday, its executive director, Lorry Parker, sees what the disease puts families through.

"It's like watching your hero crumble, one piece at a time, right before your eyes, and there's nothing you can do to stop it," Parker said.

Parker hopes the blood test can be the first of many breakthroughs with Alzheimer's disease and that one day there will be a cure. Until then, Whisler will continue visiting his wife.

"I just got to come out here every day and touch her, kiss her, feel her, and talk to her and just be around her," Whisler said. "It's just something in my nature that I have to do."

Researchers hope to have the blood test in medical clinics within the next few years.