Local homeowners say neighborhood street is like a speedway

AMARILLO, Texas - Several Ridgecrest homeowners are fed up with drivers speeding through their neighborhood.

Dewey Webb is one of several homeowners who signed a petition to have the City of Amarillo install a four-way stop at Kingston Road and Granada Drive.

"Granada is just getting to be a speedway..." Webb said. "Everybody thought that this would be a good place."

From Ridgecrest to Bell Street there are no stops or yields, making it easy to speed and easy to get into an accident.

"A lot of times, they just zip right on through," Webb said.

In the past few years, the Amarillo traffic commission says homeowners have complained of cars speeding by, clipping their lawns. One car even struck a nearby home, which has since been repaired. Amarillo traffic engineer Taylor Withrow says the city is well aware of the problem.

"Someone going extremely fast, may have been intoxicated, I don't know, and losing control..." Webb said. "Whether they would've paid attention to the stop sign, we don't know, but we do feel it will help slow drivers down."

With a four-way stop, both the city and nearly eighty-percent of homeowners in the area think they could better control the problem. The city commission will consider the proposal Tuesday afternoon.