New plan to put brakes on Canyon car burglars

Canyon, Texas - Drivers, beware of brazen burglars. Auto burglaries in Canyon are steadily climbing.

It's become so bad police are now rolling out a new program to try and put the brakes on the problem.

Their new effort is called hide, lock and take, meaning hide your things, lock your car and take your keys.

Yes, it's a simple concept, but one that is clearly important, seeing as how in just the short time we were in Canyon Monday afternoon, another car was broken into.

At Canyon Glass Company, business is booming.

Sales have gone up by more than 25%, bit's a bittersweet windfall, because it means the community Vonita Robinson loves is being attacked by thieves, thieves who are breaking all the car windows her company is now busy replacing.

She told us about some of the break-in stories she's heard from her customers. "They were parked in the church parking lot Sunday morning and their car was broken into and their purse stolen. One of them just ran up to their room with the car running, came back down and things were taken or stolen out of the car."

In the past two years, there have been 214 burglaries and thefts in Canyon, the vast majority of those happening from car break-ins. In total, more than $137,000 worth of property was stolen.

That's why you'll soon see signs saying Hide, Lock and Take posted all over town, mainly in parking lots at apartments and stores.

Police Chief Dale Davis says, "It's going to help the citizens for sure, and it's going to minimize, we're hoping the number of man hours that these police have to go out and investigate those crimes, so we can focus on more significant crimes in the area."

Robinson admits, she's been guilty of falling into the "It can't happen in small town Canyon" trap, saying "During the day I just felt like I was gonna be safe without locking it"

But lately, after repairing so many more car windows than usual, she's changing her mind and better protecting her things. "Not taking for granted that you're just gonna run in somewhere for just a little bit and come back and it still be there."

A lesson lots of others had to learn the hard way.