Santa for Seniors in Dumas

Dumas, TX- Senior citizens in Dumas will be able to have a happier holiday as two local groups join forces to give them essentials.

Dozens of groups help children have a happier holiday with toys, but often times the elderly are overlooked.

This year, the Dumas Police Department and Accolade Home Care decided to raise donations and nominations for the elderly in need.

"During Christmas everybody thinks of the kids, which is great but sometimes we need to just stop and think that, you know sometimes just a roll of toilet paper or paper towels or Kleenex can make somebody's day," said Tiffany Lewis with Accolade Home Care.

The gifts may be small, but Connie Martinez with the police department says they are necessities and will be much appreciated.

"They look at that and they are so excited because that is one less thing that they have to buy or worry about. I mean they have, like I said, they have their medications to buy, they have everything else to worry about. This is the little stuff, they aren't going to have to worry about and deal with for the season and say oh, I got it, you know, it's there," added Connie Martinez.

Seventy five seniors in Dumas will receive the gift baskets with toiletries and essentials, all of which were donated by the Dumas community.

"The community and the elderly have just been so excited and really responsive to it. And actually other senior citizens who are a little bit more well off, are actually donating to the seniors that aren't as well off, so it's been really amazing," added Lewis.

A uniformed officer and Accolade worker will be delivering the baskets to the 75 nominees, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Because of the success this year, both groups are already planning on expanding the program for next year, and possibly helping area seniors year-round.