College campuses shaken after yesterday's shooting

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Colleges campuses across the country are heartbroken and horrified, after yet another fatal shooting at Virginia Tech.       

They've made dramatic campus security changes since the shooting in 2007, but after the incident that no one ever thought would happen again, happened once again yesterday, many area schools are questioning, if they're doing enough.

Judith Haislett at Eastern New Mexico University says, "There really is no way to fully and completely guarantee that you can keep your campus safe from that. We'll do everything we can. We have been doing everything we can."

Virtually all colleges responded to the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 by pouring money and time into emergency planning. Now it looks like they could be back at it once again.

Haislett explains, "Things tend to move with incidence. There's been a lot of people relaxing, but I would bet in the next week or so that those who didn't think they needed the RAVE alert, sign up for it."

As these incidences continue to occur, the face of college campuses are changing.

Security tightens, new policies come into play, people become more aware and are looking over their shoulders more often.

Lt. Patrick Coggins with the West Texas A & M University Police Department says, "The more that we see this violence, the more people who work in workplaces or attend colleges and universities, become aware of it and perhaps are more aware of their surroundings and a little bit more likely to report incidents to us that might be of concern."

But no matter how prepared they may be, many school officials say they can never do too much in the name of safety.

Ellen Robertson-Green with Amarillo College says, "I don't begin to think that if something happened on Amarillo College's campus that we would be perfect. We would do the best that we could do. We train for what we think might happen."

Unfortunately, something that is almost impossible to predict.