Boy Scouts putting on youth protection training

Amarillo, TX- Protecting our youth from abuse is a growing concern as sexual assault claims seem to be on the rise.

To decrease the instances one group is taking the time to educate people on the issue.

Adults who work with children either through sports, clubs or churches are being encouraged to participate in youth protection training being put on by the Boy Scouts of America.

Andy Price with the Golden Spread Council says they have always done training within the scouts.

Now they are wanting to expand it to the community so more people are aware of ways to not only prevent abuse, but also be able to identify it.

"We've learned over the years what works pretty well and we want to make sure that others in the community are aware that this training is available for them at no cost, so hopefully we can make sure that all activities that kids participate in, whether it is scouting or other wise, are safe," said Price.

The events will take place Saturday morning at 10 and Monday afternoon at 5:30 at the scout's office at 401 Tascosa Road.

If you are interested in registering for the training on either day or learning more about it, visit