Weather conditions impacting Amarillo drivers

Amarillo, TX - More than fifty car wrecks took place within two hours in Amarillo's city limits Monday morning.

One hundred and seventy car wrecks were reported to the Amarillo Police Department, causing a strain on emergency responders, tow trucks and body shops.

The Department of Public Safety is discouraging travel all across the Texas Panhandle at this time because of the high risk of car accidents in these conditions.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says with so many motorists on the roads driving in these conditions, they have been flooded with calls.

"It definitely puts a strain on us, I mean that's why in some cases it may take us 30-45 minutes to an hour to get to a particular call or an accident because we've got hundreds of others out there. Not to mention the other calls for service that we would normally be handling, so it can really put a strain on that so again we are just going to ask people, please slow down," added Neufeld.

Along with the impact on police officers, the high number of collisions has also increased business for body shops and wrecker companies.