Temps drop, hardware store sales heat up

Amarillo, Texas - If you haven't bought that snow shovel or heat tape yet, you may be out of luck. Many stores are running out of winter weather supplies.

As people all across the panhandle got worried about the snow and ice headed for our area, they crowded the aisles this weekend, grabbing whatever they'll need to stay safe and warm.

At Lowe's, they're seeing a high demand for things like shovels, rock salt and snow blowers. Many of those things are going fast.

Ben Moore, a Lowe's associate, says "We're constantly bringing more product in and stocking it.

Definitely faucet covers, they're a little more conscious because of last year, also running out of heat tape."

They're also running out of cold weather car supplies, things like ice melt and windshield de-icer.