An early Christmas gift for an Amarillo family

Amarillo, TX - For one Amarillo family, Christmas is coming early.

Eight families met at The Wolflin House this afternoon, each of them in desperate need of a vehicle.

Almost four years ago Jessica and Larry Pelt received a Christmas present...their little boy, Christian. This year they are getting two presents, another Christmas baby, and a car.

"I have a baby due any day and it's going to get us to the hospital, our kids to school and to the doctor," said Jessica Pelt.

Larry Pelt has been waking up at 3am for the past two months just to get to work on time.

"I was walking to and from work, it's at least a two and a half hour walk," he said.

Today, they received a new car thanks to the first national "Wheels to Prosper" program and Aardvark Automotive.

Out of 34 applicants the Pelt's were chosen from 8 finalists.

Elia Moreno, community engagement coordinator, at Cal Farley's works closely with Jessica Pelt.

"Because I've been working with her I just know her struggles and what she's been going through. This is going to change her life," Moreno said. "I'm so happy. I wish I could tell you her whole story. It's amazing and she just preservers and is so wonderful, so is her family."

The family that our community found so deserving could not believe they were the one's picked.

For the Pelt's today was a Christmas miracle.

They still need about 400 dollars to pay for six months of insurance before they can drive home in their new car. The car will stay at Aardvark Automotive until enough money is collected.

If you want to help the pelt family call Elia Moreno at Cal Farley's, the number is 322-2530.