Cell phone privacy controversy

AMARILLO, Texas - A video that is going viral on the Internet has many cell phone users concerned. Carrier IQ is a software program embedded in millions of cell phones that records key strokes and can gain access to the things we type into our phones, like text messages, but it doesn't stop there.

Cat-man-du technician, Andrew Brandt, says it can also can log usernames and passwords we use to access secure information.

"If you access your bank account and put in your bank account login name or password information, that's logged in, as well as Google searches," Brandt said. "Even things like SSL, which is a secure login system on the Internet, even that is compromised."

Another problem is it is unclear if Carrier IQ is working with a cell phone provider or a manufacturer, knowing which one is behind it is a key factor in knowing how to stop the problem. If the provider is involved, it could play a bigger role in providing a solution. If the manufacturer is behind it, it could be grounds for a class action lawsuit.

Because the software is so deeply embedded into cell phones' operating systems, it is not easy to detect and is almost impossible to get rid of. For now, one of the best things cell phone users can do to protect themselves is avoid accessing any personal information they have never accessed before. In doing so, cell phone users can rest assured their information is secure.