Over-weight trucks damaging Amarillo roads

Amarillo, TX - Heavy trucks are constantly making their way through Amarillo.

Many trucking companies with overweight loads receive permits from the Texas Department of Transportation, but others are finding ways around stopping at weigh stations.

The highly trafficked roads, and heavy trucks are damaging area roads.

The money TxDOT gets from over-weight and over-sized permits goes back into road maintenance, but there are some drivers who are getting away by sneaking through the system.

One trucker we talked to did not want his name or the company he worked for revealed.

He said there are times when going around the system is easier than making the stop at the required weigh stations.

TXDOT says FM and rural roads around Amarillo are the ones with the most wear and tear from over-weight trucks.

Our gas tax and vehicle registration fees help with road repairs.

TxDOT also has a $25 million budget for all road maintenance, including dealing with the snowy weather we are about to be seeing.