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Update: Amarillo Trailer Park Residents Still Without Gas

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Amarillo, Texas - We first told you on Nov. 22 about residents living in the Amarillo Estates trailer complex.

We reported that the gas line going to about 75 homes had been shut off.

Management says they have been working to fix the problem, but residents say gas has not been restored.

"What's the hold up?" Brandon, a resident living in the complex says. "It's not just my home, it's several in the area." 

About 6 dozen homes are effected following a gas pipe leak back on Nov. 16.

"They are in the process of making repairs," says Roy Urrutia with Atmos Energy. "You'll have to check with the landlord on what's taking them so long."

So today we took that same question up with the property manager.

"It's being repaired as quickly as possible," said the Amarillo Estates Property Manager. "We've spent hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars on this problem to ensure repairs are done appropriately."

But residents disagree.

"I come home at 5:30 p.m. and will see somebody working," one resident said. "I'll leave 30 minutes later and they're gone and it doesn't look like there is any progress or if any, very little."

For those who just moved into the complex, the news of no gas isn't very welcoming.

"We move in and two days later we have no gas or heat," another resident said.

But management says they have tried their best to accommodate their residents.

"We've given away dozens of free space heaters and have contacted the Salvation Army," the property manager said. "I think we've done a very good job at trying to accommodate our residents the best way we can." 

But residents say those kind gestures aren't enough.

"We did have space heaters but I have four children and we ended up having to all sleep in one room with the door shut so we could stay warm," said one resident.

The property manager says the City has to come out for a final inspection before gas can be restored.

"The city is doing a great job but it's a slow process," the property manager said.

Amarillo employees do not return to work until Monday.

The property manager hopes to have all gas restored to his tenants next week.