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What's next in the Hank Skinner case?

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Pampa, TX - Lawyers are fighting to have DNA tested after a convicted triple murderer of Pampa receives another stay of execution.

Hank Skinner was able to avoid his third execution date after being on death row for 16-years, when the court of criminal appeals granted him a stay of execution Monday.

Now, we are told it could take several months to decide if the DNA Skinner has been requesting will actually be tested.

Skinner's request has been denied before, but the Court of Criminal Appeals says recent changes in a Texas law may allow him to have his way after all.

He has been asking that key items involved in the case be examined, after he was convicted of killing his live in girlfriend Twila Busby and her two grown sons.

At this point, Skinner's attorney Robert Owen has said the tests will resolve the questions about Skinner's innocence or guilt.

The 31st District Attorney's Office says they are unable to comment on this case because of their code of ethics.  

Calls to 31st District Judge, Steven Emmertt, who denied the DNA testing, have not been returned.