Filmmaker in Amarillo for Route 66 documentary

Amarillo, TX - An award winning filmmaker is using one of Amarillo's biggest attractions as the basis for his newest project.

John Holod began his travels in Chicago and has been making his way through every city along the 'Historic Route 66.'

John Holod is cruising down Route 66, documenting the unique attractions each city has to offer.

After two weeks on the road, he has made it to Amarillo.

"I have traveled the country a lot on the interstates. The interstates take you from point A to point B, which I've always done. You don't see too much, you don't learn too much on the interstate. But if you go the back roads then you learn stuff, meet people, you see things you wouldn't see otherwise. So I wanted to see what it was like off the beaten path," says John Holod, award-winning filmmaker, RV Adventure Videos.

Route 66 stretches 2,400 miles and along that stretch there are more than 100 shops and restaurants in Amarillo alone

Within Texas there are nearly 180 miles, every single one right here in the Panhandle.

90 percent of the original highway remains.

This road holds special meaning to many people in our area.

"Route 66 was the foundation, it set up everything from the west to the east and the east to the west, that was the 'Cats Meow' and then everything changed and went into interstate systems. Right here in Amarillo they have finally done something with sixth street, Route 66, and we've got some ambiance, we've got some character," Lindell Churchwell.

At the end of John Holods' travels he will turn his adventure into a DVD, which he hopes will bring more people to the road that started it all.

"Maps, campgrounds, restaurants, The Big Texan...all of the stuff people might want to see, the Cadillac Ranch and things like that. So that way they can bring it with them on the trip and know where to go. Hopefully when they see the video they will go out in the world and travel as well," says John Holod, award-winning filmmaker, RV Adventure Videos.