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Health Watch: Venus Freeze Treatments

A new treatment promising the coveted "youthful appearance" is now being performed in our area.

In this week's "Health Watch," NewsChannel 10's Michelle Langowski has more on the cosmetic procedure gaining worldwide attention. Venus freeze has only been available in the panhandle for only a couple of weeks, but it's quickly gaining attention.

"So we go along the jaw line for a lift, ladies like the lift," Dr. Tamara Jarrous says as she is performing the procedure. Amarillo Laser and Vein Clinic recently received the Venus Freeze technology. It is the newest anti-aging treatment claims to tighten skin without surgery.

"The Venus Freeze works through radio frequency and magnetic pulsing, so there is no downtime and it just feels like a hot rock massage. The patient enjoys it and gets great results," said Dr. Jarrous.
And after getting a sample of the treatment, I agree.

I could feel my skin begin to warm as the device was rubbed along my neck. "Its just heating up the tissue and causing it to shrink, and then it is causing the body to produce new collagen," explained Dr. Jarrous.

Venus Freeze is approved by the FDA and has become popular across the world. These before and after pictures show some of the areas it can be used on... the most dramatic pictures are of upper arms, a problem area for many women. 

Dr. Jarrous says"if you want to get rid of that double chin, if you have arms that have some extra wings or gastric banding and losing all that weight, that extra skin, this is the only thing that will really work on all of your body."

Dr. Jarrous says she has been surprised by the recent interest in aesthetic procedures by both women and men. The freeze takes 6 to 8 treatments and that will cost you around $1,500.

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