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Homeless students on the rise in Amarillo

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Amarillo, Texas - Homeless children living in Amarillo are on the rise.

Most kids are worried about what they might wear to school or who they'll play with during recess. But now many of them are having to worry about where they are going to sleep at night.

According to the Guyon Saunders Resource Center, homeless students in Amarillo ISD have jumped to just over 1700 this year, up from just under 1400 last year.

Major Tim Grider with The Salvation Army says he's seeing more families visit his shelter because many single parents have lost their jobs.

Grider explains, "This certainly is not surprising to hear that the number of kids identified as homeless in our school systems is up. There have been times we've had 55 kids. Our highest at one time because of our bedding situation is 70."

Homeless shelters this month have been near capacity. Grider says just yesterday The Salvation Army on South Tyler Street was completely full.

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