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3H All Natural Beef - Breeding

We raise top quality Angus and Charolais cattle.  By raising both breeds, we can hit the highest tenderness, flavor, and marbling with the Angus or the highest end of the leanness with the Charolais, or any place in between.

Our beef is consistent in each area and buyers from all over the country call us because of its proven performance. Gene and his son Chad have developed a choice product through genetics and DNA selection, few can make that statement. It has taken many years to get our cattle to this point. Our herd genetics have been proven over the last 9 years making our calves highly sought after. In every Satellite cattle sale they have consistently brought the highest price.

We raise only All Natural USDA Age and Source Verified calves, meaning each calf is born on our ranch and personally cared for all the way through harvest.  It is never given growth additives or hormones.  Through our veterinarian, we have set up a cow program that eliminates much of the sickness in our calves. If we find a sick calf we care for it, treat it and remove it from our all natural program. The vaccination program for our calves is as closely monitored as our children's. We wouldn't have it any other way. We are audited throughout the year by USDA and our certification company. We must follow strict procedures in every area from the humane and caring way the animals are handled to individual records on each calf in the program.  Missing one area can cause us to lose our certification.

Why do we only grow and produce All Natural Beef? We want a product that emphasized safety and quality. Our cattle are never administered or fed antibiotics, supplemental growth hormones, or fed animal by-products. They are born and raised on our certified USDA ranch here in Texas and will not leave without a USDA audit done and EID tagged. They are fed an all vegetarian diet for their entire life with at least 120 days of corn base. If we ship our cattle outside of our ranch they must go to an approved feeding operation that meets the programs requirements.

Simply put, we care about what we put on our table and yours.  It is important to us to keep the children safe and healthy for generations to come.

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