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Local soldiers share 9/11 memories

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Amarillo, Texas - Two local soldiers gave their own 9-11 tribute, coming back home with an American flag they've carried with them everywhere while fighting the War on Terror in the Middle East.

Army Private Cade Moore and Sergeant Ricky Spencer presented the flag to Tascosa Road Fellowship, saying the church's prayers helped them, and their fellow soldiers make it through some tough situations.

They both reflect back on 9-11-2001, saying that's the moment they knew they were meant to fight for our country.

Sgt. Spencer says, "I was watching the TV and basically watching them run for their lives, it sparked me right then to go back and fight for those guys."

Private Moore adds, "I was here in Amarillo in fifth grade. I remember walking in the class and turning on the TV. That's when it struck the spark for me that I wanna be in the military. I wanna be able to get rid of the guys that did this."

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