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Firefighters get a free meal for their hard work

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Katie Mcomber, Olive Garden Katie Mcomber, Olive Garden
Firefighter Sloan Nurek Firefighter Sloan Nurek

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Amarillo, TX - The people who help keep us safe received a thank you Monday for all of their hard work and dedication.    

Amarillo firefighters at two local stations were surprised with a pasta meal and dessert from Olive Garden.

Firefighters enjoyed lasagna, tiramisu and salad while on a quick break Monday as many others enjoyed the holiday off. 

"A lot of us aren't working today and so I think it's really important that we give back to them for all that they have done for us," said Katie Mcomber.

Firefighter Sloan Nurek says the hospitality was unexpected they say the good thought was the perfect gift for them this holiday.

"Fires doesn't, they don't care what day it is, we have to be here 24/7, somebody so for them to come out and give us food on a day, on a holiday, it's awesome," said Nurek.

After the extreme drought causing massive fires in the area, the dinner was much deserved for these firefighters.

The first half of the year was really hard on local firefighters in the area, they battled large wildfires in February and again in May, olive garden says this is their way to thank them.

"It was pretty brutal in February and through the summer for them to show their appreciation, we just can't say thank you enough."

Seven hundred and forty restaurants delivered free lunch to police officers, fire fighters and emergency room workers nationwide today.