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Record drought loss in Texas

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Amarillo, Texas - It's a year many Texas farmers hope to forget as losses soar to a record high, making it the most costly drought on record.

Agriculture in Texas has taken a 5 billion dollar hit, almost half of that has been lost in the Panhandle.

Livestock, hay, cotton, corn, wheat, and sorghum have seen the worst. Many farmers have abandoned portions of their crops to try and save others.

Steve Amosson with Texas AgriLife Extension says, "They just cannot keep up with the entire crop. Do you give up on part of that circle so you can make sure you get adequate water on the rest of the circle or do you do inadequate water on the entire thing? In case of something like corn, the way that production function is, you are better off to abandon part of the circle."

He says it comes at a time when commodity prices are high, but there isn't much to sell. Insurance premiums are expected to increase as well, since many farmers are reporting minimal yields.

While nothing can be done to salvage the losses, there is a bigger concern for the upcoming winter wheat season.

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