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Amarillo officials planning changes to the drought contingency plan

Amarillo, TX - The extreme drought is prompting Amarillo city officials to change our water plans.

The city commission will be voting on a new plan for to change the current drought contingency set up in the 90s.

Officials say the revised drought plan will be more of a precaution for next summer and will consider the changes in our lake levels and the worse drought in Texas history.

The new plan would for once take into consideration a 500-million gallon reservoir and rely less on Lake Meredith.

Mayor Paul Harpole says to ensure we are able to face a drought in the future, the plan needs to be changed.

"We felt it was necessary to look at that update because we are not going to have Lake Meredith to rely on like we did back then and since that period too we have also added the reservoir. So with the reservoir and Lake Meredith changing the mix we wanted to address the things that were treated in the different stages so we could be sure we have a proper contingency plan," says Harpole.

The Amarillo City Commission will make a final vote next Tuesday on the drought plan.

If you would like to see the draft visit    

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