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If you think your water bill is high, look at AISD's

Lowe's on Coulter Lowe's on Coulter
Applebees on Amarillo Blvd. Applebees on Amarillo Blvd.

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Amarillo, Texas - If you think your water bill is high, wait until you hear what Amarillo ISD pays. The district paid more than $1 million dollars for it's water during their 2010-2011 fiscal year. 

Take one look at any Amarillo ISD campus and you can't help but notice the lawns look almost immaculate. That's something the district is very proud of.

AISD Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Weslee Green says, "We want our schools to look good. We want an attractive place. We want an environment that the kids enjoy being in so they want to come to school and learn." 

But, in this extreme drought, AISD is trying to find a happy medium between looking nice and saving water. Which is why they're kicking around a few ideas on how to improve, starting with coming up with new blueprints for school yards.

"It's a matter of grouping plants with the proper watering amount, according to what their needs are." Putting plants that need a lot of water in one section and plants that don't in another would let the district make sprinkler systems more efficient.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but whatever route AISD takes, they're hoping it will continue the current path their on. They've reduced their water use by 37% over the past few years.

"Every little bit that you change makes an impact." 

Now to some Amarillo businesses that only have a little bit to change.

Viewers snapped a photo of a sprinkler shooting straight into the air at Lowe's on Coulter and sprinklers spraying the parking lot at Applebees on the Boulevard.

Both managers tell us they didn't know anything was wrong, but now that they know, they'll take care of it right away.

As always, send Kristen photos of any water wasting you see to waterwasters@newschannel10.com

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