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Public reaction to downtown revitalization

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Amarillo, TX- Amarillo residents voiced their opinions on the 113-million-dollar project planned for downtown Monday evening. 

More than one hundred Amarillo residents voiced their feelings on the major changes coming to downtown, the most since the plans first started.

One of the major concerns voiced is the idea of getting federal funds from EB-5, which will allow immigrants green cards if they give thousands of dollars.

"If they have any loyalty at all to the American system, why we're bringing them here when we already have so much talent and so much business people here, why we aren't using our own," said one concern resident.

Another great concern is the lack of water. 

Some even attacked local officials for focusing on a massive project when we are in a drought.

"We've got the mayor on TV telling us to wash our clothes by hand and you guys are here building 'Wally-Bajjali' wonderland," said another concerned citizen.

Keith Grays a supporter of the plans says at some point we will get rain, so it is better to focus on the positives the plan will bring to Amarillo tomorrow rather than focusing on the problems today.

"Our prayer for downtown and Amarillo as a whole is that we will wake up and smell the roses and that we will not get caught up in this sandstorm of negative mindsets and blow away with the windstorm and yes it's going to rain," says Grays.

The Local Government Corporation and Wallace Bajjali will now be showing these funding announcements and concerns to the city commission.

The commission will then decide if the plans will happen. 
Everyone involved in the plan says the public's input will always be welcome.