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New textbooks won't be there for first day of school

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Amarillo, Texas - Your child's new textbooks will not be there for the first day of school this year.

School starts in just three weeks, but the state won't even let schools order textbooks until next week. The online ordering opens August 8th.

That's the earliest the TEA could get the system up and running. At the very last minute of their legislative session, Texas lawmakers changed the way schools get their books.

Gone are the days when they ordered from the state and got one book for every student registered. Now, schools are given a certain amount of money in a checking account and it's up to them how they spend it, how many books, what kind of books.

Planning that is no easy task though. As of today, the state still has not told schools how much money they'll be getting. The classes most affected are those that require brand new textbook editions this year.

Lorraine Mettham says, "It affects English language arts, grades two through twelve. It affects ESL, handwriting and spelling." 

Schools are hoping the books come in by the second week of school.

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