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Farmers fight slow wheat production

Amarillo, TX - With the wheat planting season around the corner, area producers are coming together to see how they can prepare.

Most area producers plant wheat for cow grazing.

If there is no moisture then producers are forced to sell off their cows with hardly making any profit.

New research is providing the option of a variety of different seed types and fertilization.

The Texas Wheat Producers Board says they are doing what they can to help farmers stay positive.

"Trying to enhance and maintain markets is extremely vital for producers especially coming out of a short exporting condition. As we go through this next coming year its very important for us to have strong export markets since we export roughly 60% of our Texas wheat production. So its important to producers and enhances their marketability," said executive assistant Cody Bessent.

With the worst wheat crop our area has seen in fifty years, producers are just looking to do their best with all the resources they have.

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