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Gov. Perry calls for U.S. to take lessons from Texas

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AMARILLO, TX - Governor Rick Perry makes a stop in Amarillo Tuesday and sounds more and more like a presidential candidate. 

The state of Texas just cut 15 billion dollars from the state budget in this past legislative session. According to Governor Perry, if Texas can balance its budget, so can the United States.

With the nation nearly 14.3 trillion dollars in debt, Perry is calling for Congress to adopt a new amendment to the US Constitution. That amendment would mandate there always be a balanced budget for the nation.

Perry tells us, Texas is a model for the rest of the country because of tough decisions made.

"We held off on raising taxes, we prioritized, we tightened our belts just like you do at home in your personal lives." said Gov. Rick Perry.

Some of those decisions include 4 billion dollars in cuts to education, State officials stress, even with those cuts, education took up 57 percent of the state's budget.