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More water to be pumped from Lake Meredith

Lake Meredith, TX - More water will soon be pumped from Lake Meredith to benefit cities in the area.

More than 450-million gallons of water will be pumped out of Lake Meredith to help Amarillo, Lubbock and nine other cities meet a continuing demand for water.

A vote from the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority  increased the amount of water coming out of Lake Meredith. 

CRMWA says the amount of water needed to be increased from five thousand acre feet to 64-hundred acre feet because the cities are struggling to meet the demand.

Emmett Autrey with the City of Amarillo  says the water will make a large difference for Amarillo.
"Fourteen hundred acre feet is 456-million gallons, and then you take 40.6% of that and that's Amarillo's part of it," says Autrey.

He adds although the water is not essential at this time it will be an added cushion for the city.

"Why are we asking for more, because we might need it in case we have excessive demands or in case we have a mechanical issue in the system. It could be as I said, a pump down, it could be a broken major pipeline."

Water officials say if we do not use the water while it is available we may lose the chance.

"we need to take some of that water or it could all be lost in evaporation by the time next summer rolls around so the idea is to use as much of it as beneficially as we can while we have the opportunity."

Although the added water from Lake Meredith will help city officials are still asking residents to continue to follow the voluntary water rules, so we have water in the future.

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