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Drought driving bugs inside

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Amarillo, Texas - Watering your lawn could be inviting some unwanted guests into your home.

For many, ants are a big problem this summer, followed by scorpions and centipedes in more rural areas.

With little moisture for insects to survive on, they're being drawn into your yard and into your home in search of water, which means watering your lawn is making the problem worse.

Brad Turner with Lady-Bug Termite and Pest Services says, "I usually recommend that people water early in the morning, six o'clock in the morning is great. You want to do your watering early in the day, so when the sun does come out, it dries off the top of the grass. You don't want water standing, up next to the foundation of the home especially."

Avoid leaving water bowls out and keep bird baths to less than a half an inch. Trim back bushes, tree branches, and ivy, and seal any cracks on windows, walls, and doors.

The good news is the drought has dramatically cutback the mosquito and termite populations in the area.

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