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Cloud seeding in hopes of more rain for the Panhandle

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Amarillo, Texas - One area organization is working to create extra rainfall in parts of the Panhandle this week. Cloud seeding being done in several counties is showing good results.

The Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District has been cloud seeding in Roberts, Potter, Carson, Gray, Wheeler, Armstrong and Donley counties.

The process is done by putting silver iodide into the base of the cloud, which helps to increase precipitation up to 15% per storm.

Meteorologist for the Panhandle District Jennifer Puryear says, "This week we actually had convective thunderstorms, thunderstorms that had lightning and had good updrafts of 200 to 500 feet, that are building on top vertically. We've had no convective clouds for the last several months. That's why we haven't worked previously to this week."

Puryear says she has seen positive results this week, despite the controversy cloud seeding has caused in the area.

Quite a few organizations have ended their programs because of claims that seeding was actually helping to create severe weather conditions.