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Drought forcing families out of homes

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RANDALL COUNTY, TX - Randall County families are fighting to stay in their homes and the drought could be partially to blame.

Jean Parker talks to us in the home she's lived in for 22 years, but she says she going to have to move out soon because for more than a month now her family's well has been dry.

"I got up one morning to make some coffee, but there was no water." said Parker.

A neighbor is allowing her family to use his well. For the Parkers to drill a new one, it would cost thousands of dollars, which is too much for the retired couple to pay.

"When you are older, you have so many medical bills. You just don't want to gamble your nest egg." expressed Parker.

The High Plains Water Conservation District tells NewsChannel 10,  the water problems for families out in Randall County are because of both the drought and an overuse of water. Right now, they are working with families to figure out long term solutions.

"I am willing to do whatever it takes to stay here." said Homeowner, Dana Watson.

According to Watson,  she can't run water in her home for more than nine minutes.  Even after that, she has to wait about two hours before her well replenishes.

"It's a 15 mile span. That's a lot of people without water." said Watson.

So she and other neighbors are looking to see how they can join the High Plains Water Conservation District. The organization would regulate water usage in the area.

"We are going door to door with a petition and you can be annexed into the district." said Watson

Last November, homeowners shot down a vote that would incorporate all the homes into the district. Watson was among those voters.

"I didn't know what it was, there was no education. I thought it was just another tax, now I know that it would help us in the long run and I know we need it."

While she's sad to leave her home, Parker doesn't believe she'll be taking part in that vote.

"Without water, you can't live out here." she tells NewsChannel 10.

According to the High Plains Water Conservation District  some of the solutions they are looking into would involve legislation. We will continue to update you on what the solutions could be as the story develops.