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Fireworks sound off, despite ban

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Amarillo, Texas - If you saw fireworks in Amarillo this weekend or heard them, it wasn't your imagination. Despite the ban on fireworks, several people didn't think twice about setting them off anyway.

Local officials received up to 100 calls about firework violations in the city limits alone.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says, "I think the public decided, we're not going to allow that. We're not going to put up with that. I think they were ready to pick up the phone and call, whether they were calling us or the Sheriff, to let us know there were people out there, because they know the potential damage. I'm sure we got more phone calls from the public this year, than in past years."     

But out of all those calls, only two arrests were made.

Neufeld says, "As the officers were arriving or getting close, they could actually see a Roman candle or something going up, but when they got there, they couldn't find anybody that may have been shooting anything off."

26-year-old Mario Arreola was arrested yesterday, after police found several packages of fireworks in a home on the 1000 block of North Hughes. 17-year-old Shane Putman was arrested Saturday for setting off fireworks in the 1000 block of North Adams, where this field caught on fire.

But authorities believe this year's firework amnesty program helped to cut back on such incidences.

Captain Wes Hall with the Amarillo Fire Department says, "We had 41 calls for fireworks, so it was very successful. We got some dangerous things off the street and disposed of. The fire marshal says that's 140 pounds worth of fireworks, so that's a lot of fireworks that took the temptation away."

Officials say fireworks may be the cause of two other fires in North Amarillo, but those are still under investigation. No structures were lost and no one was injured in these fires.