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Consequences of arsonists starting fires

Amarillo, TX - Officials are increasing their patrols across the area to ensure arsonists are not causing fires.

Starting even a small fire can lead to a second degree felony charge, and up to twenty years in prison.  

Fire officials say since there are many causes for a blaze, it takes time to investigate how one starts and with so many fires in our area lately, investigators are busy trying to find the causes.   

Fire Marshal Terry McKinney says they do not always expect arson.

"We don't go into a grass fire anymore than we would go into a structure fire thinking oh this is an arson, lets find evidence of arson, what we are doing is we're looking for what is the cause of the fire any possible accidental causes got to be examined," says McKinney.

After all possible accidental causes are looked at and evidence is examined officials will determine of the fire was intentionally started.

If you see someone with fire works or someone who is potentially committing arson, you are asked to call local law enforcement officials.

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