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Is Amarillo conserving water?

AMARILLO, TEXAS - A kid's water gun is about the only moisture Vanessa Robinson's grass has seen lately.

"It can't stand the heat anyway. So the more water I put on it, it didn't matter," she said.

Vanessa basically stopped watering after getting a bill last month for $206.

"I knew then I had to cut back on some of the things I was doing," she said. 

Vanessa also now takes shorter showers and reduced how often she does laundry and uses the dishwasher. People like her helped lead to just 73.6 million gallons of water being used Monday, down from a high of about 90 million earlier in the month - numbers that have Mayor Paul Harpole saying there's a "promising beginning" to the city's water conservation campaign that launched two weeks ago.

"I'd like to see it continue to go down. I'm not trying to be really negative, I'm being realistic. Sometimes you'll see a droop in demand, and then sometimes you'll see it bounce back again," Water Department Head Emmett Autrey said.

The city manager admits a big part of that is because they turned off most of their own sprinklers at parks and public buildings.

"We have to realize this is not a normal year. And their are limits to what our system can do," Autrey said.

But the city's pretty sure when June's bills go out:

"Some people are going to be very shocked at how much their water costs," Autrey said.

A lot more people will start conserving like Vanessa.

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