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Drought causing cattle supply to diminish

Amarillo, TX- The price of beef may soon be rising as more and more cattle ranchers are selling their herds because of the extreme drought.
This is the driest eight month period Texas has seen since the 1900s and because of that consumers can expect to see the most expensive beef.  

The drought is decreasing the ability for cattle producers to feed their cattle with little crops growing and the high price to bring in feed so more and more of them are selling their heifers or taking them to the feed lot.

The Texas Cattle Feeders Association says consumers will not feel a pinch just yet.

"We are staying pretty steady which is great, it's definitely what we like to see, for the consumer side of things, the timing of the highs and lows which are typical may be a little bit different but the magnitude should be about the same," says Kristen Odom with the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

According to the Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas five percent of a ranchers herd is sold each week without rain.

A local beef cattle specialist says consumers will see the hike in beef prices in two to three years as the demand for beef continues to rise and the supply continues to diminish.