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Man arrested for starting fire after throwing out cigarette


Amarillo, TX - A man is arrested after fire officials say he improperly disposed of a cigarette causing a small grassfire which destroyed a fence in Amarillo.

Fire officials responded to a fire in the 3200 block of Soncy after Stephen Ieropoli's lit cigarette reportedly caused a fire.

Ieropoli tried to put the fire out but was unable to, that is when he reported it to an area fire station.

Investigators say there was no ashtray or any way Ieropoli could properly dispose of the cigarette.

"The violation warranted a citation for violation of the fire code due to the fact that there was not a known legal address for the man, the man was then booked into the jail, the Randall county jail for that offense, it's a class C misdemeanor," says Fire Marshall Terry McKinney.

The Class C misdemeanor can carry a fine up to two thousand dollars and depending on the circumstances can carry jail time.

Officials warn with the dry conditions you need to be careful when disposing cigarettes and remember the fire codes you may be violating.