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Fireworks crackdown begins

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Amarillo, Texas - Now that all area counties are banning fireworks, there's a big crackdown on anyone violating the ban.

There will be no warnings from deputies between now and the Fourth of July... If they catch you using fireworks, you will go to jail.

Chances are pretty good they will catch you... Dozens of extra deputies will be patrolling both Potter and Randall counties well into the night. A fair share of them are already out there... By the actual Fourth of July weekend, nearly everything they have will go towards the fireworks patrols.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says, "We have a reserve unit right now of about 20 to 22 guys and we're gonna get some of them to go out there either with us or out there by themselves. We have a lot of them going to check and see what's going on. Nobody is gonna be taking a day off, or vacation, that weekend."

On top of extra patrols, Randall County ordered 50 signs... They'll be four foot by four foot... And all over the county.

They're hoping it will make people think twice about setting off fireworks, especially in desolate wide open spaces, where they think they'll get away with it.

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