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Local effects on our health from the Arizona wildfires

Amarillo, TX - Health problems seem to be increasing in our area and health officials are connecting that increase to smokey conditions.   

Although the smoke from Arizona's wildfires is not as bad in the Panhandle as it is in much of New Mexico, doctors still warn the hazy conditions can take a toll on your health.  

Local medical experts say if you are suffering from difficulty breathing, coughing or allergies and your symptoms are severe you should be seen by a doctor.

They warn if you already have  breathing problems you should not over-do your medication.

"If you are asthmatic, certainly you should have a rescue inhaler, so you should use inhalers as needed but if you are using them excessively like every hour or every two hours you need to see a provider, a health provider to decide whether you need additional things because you should not be using these inhalers frequently," says Dr. Constantine Saadeh

Officials at the weather service say these conditions will likely last in our area until the fire is put out or we have a drastic change in the weather patterns.

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