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Drought proof garden?

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AMARILLO, TEXAS - In the middle of the dry panhandle soil, landscaper Pat Brinkman takes NewsChannel 10 out to his oasis.

"That's what I will call it when they develop out," he said.

It may not look like a lush country club, but beneath the surface is a rain water capturing dream. NewsChannel 10 first told you about this experiential garden when it was being planted two years ago by the Texas department of transportation.

"I knew it would work. Just needed to prove it," Brinkman said.

It started by carving the land around it were water is funneled in, but it also has a special soil with about four inches of mulch on top.

"It more or less bounces the heat off," he said.

While similar methods could be used in your garden, TxDOT plans to plant trees with it off rural roadways where there's no other sources of water other than rain.

"I think the panhandle needs more trees," Brinkman said.

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