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Dumas on voluntary water restriction

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DUMAS--- Its been over a year since Dumas has had a good rain and mother nature is affecting how the city operates. The city is issuing a voluntary water restriction for  residents.

According to city officials  Dumas residents are currently soaking up about 6 million gallons of water a day. Compare that to just this winter when residents were using water just for the essentials; that was about 2 million gallons a day.

 "If we can't reduce demand, then we will have to go to mandatory restrictions, obviously there is some enforcement involved with that." said Dumas city manger, Vince DiPazza.

Long time Dumas resident Wesley Bontke describes water with one word, precious.  As an irrigation systems company owner, he sees the drought a little more than most. He tells NewsChannel 10, hundreds of area farmers he works with are stressed out.

  "They are pumping as much they can, but they are going to need some help by mother nature." expressed Bontke

 That's part of the reason he says his family will gladly help to conserve water in Dumas. The city is asking for residents to only water their lawns and wash their cars on specified days.  If your address ends with an even number, those days are Sundays and Thursdays. Saturdays and Wednesdays are the days designated for odd number ending addresses.

 "I think we are the first city in the area to do something like this, but I am hearing in the grapevine, We are not the only city in this situation." said DiPiazza.
  For now, Bontke says he can manage with a lawn not as green, and a car not as clean, if it helps.

"The days of unlimited resources are gone." said Bontke.

  According to DiPiazza, the city has acquired a few water rights over the last couple years. He tells NewsChannel 10, the city may soon look at developing those rights.

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